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Behavioral Consulting

Southbridge Veterinary Hospital partners with Donna D. Savoie at Pack of Paws Dog Training. We offer behavioral consulting to assist in modifying a pets inappropriate or problem behavior. Call us, 508-765-1144, to learn more.

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Dental Care

Dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you! Southbridge Veterinary Hospital can help you understand how to care for your pet’s teeth and oral health. If and when your pet does need a professional dental cleaning, we can take dental x-rays, address dental disease and restore your pet’s mouth to good health.

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Southbridge Veterinary Hospital has the ability to hospitalize your pet for most minor illnesses. If 24 hour critical care is required, we refer animals to Tufts University in Grafton (508-839-5395) and Boston Road Animal Hospital in Springfield.

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Medical Care

Southbridge Veterinary Hospital provides preventative healthcare for the full life of your pet.

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Special Diets

Southbridge Veterinary Hospital carries prescription diets for pets with particular health concerns.

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Vaccines are an important part of preventative health care for your pet. Southbridge Veterinary Hospital will go over a vaccination program tailored to your pet on your very first visit. There are many vaccines choices available and we will help choose the best program for your dog or cat.

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