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Helpful Resources

American Kennel Club – the source for all things dog related. Not just a breed site, it is loaded with all types of information on everything from training tips to health concerns to the variety of competitions for dogs and their owners.

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) – a great information network for veterinarians as well as pet owners.

Info Dog – another great resource that covers everything from breeder referrals to show information.

Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) – the Massachusetts source for local pet issues and resources.

Pet Loss Support Hotline – Losing a pet is a devastating part of pet ownership. Whether it is a young animal that dies unexpectedly or an elderly pet that has been in failing health and is gently laid to rest, there are still overwhelming emotions that can be difficult to cope with. The Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine runs a grief counseling hotline where you can discuss your loss with an understanding person who can help you through this difficult time. Call the Hotline at (508) 839-7966 or visit their website: for grief support.

Pet Training – Donna Savoie of Pack of Paws Dog Training offers a variety of classes for you and your dog. Classes are held locally and are kept small to allow for individual attention to you and your dog. Private sessions are also available. For more information, call Donna at (508) 248-4677 or visit her website: