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About Us

Who We Are

Southbridge Veterinary Hospital understands that your pet is also a family member, and we strive to keep your pet healthy and active. Southbridge Veterinary Hospital has a small staff that works closely together to provide you and your pet personalized care. 

Southbridge Veterinary Hospital also believes in low stress handling and fear free visits.  Minimal waiting times, dedicated dog and cat exam rooms, pheromone therapy for cats, gentle restraint and a variety of treats helps reduce pet fears and owner anxieties.  If that is not enough to make visits as pleasant as possible for your pet, we can prescribe premedications to reduce fear and stress for your pet.

Dr. Kristine Sklenak practices a philosophy of preventative medicine. A 1994 graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Sklenak has been living and practicing small animal medicine in Central Massachusetts for more than 20 years.

Why Choose Us

Minimal waiting times

Roomy waiting room, dedicated dog and cat exam rooms and careful scheduling keeps your visit pleasant and timely.

Emergency Services

We do our best to see our client's pets non-life threatening emergencies as they arise.  However, we may refer to a 24 hour facility staffed with a variety of specialist if we feel this is the best option for your pet.

Compassionate Care

We strive to make every visit pleasant for both the pet and the owner.  Our hospital believes in fear free visits and low stress handling.  What does this mean?  It means we will go out of our way and take the time to make sure your pet is as calm and relaxed as possible throughout the visit.  Gentle handling, treats, and pheromone therapy for cats all help keep the patient (and client!) accepting of what needs to be done.  Premedication may be an option for those pets that just cannot safely be handled for exams.  All our staff will do our best to discuss recommendations and options for your pet's care, from parasite control to selecting vaccines based on your pet's risks or diagnostic tests for your pet's presenting problem.

Family Atmosphere

Our waiting room and exam rooms have cheerful colors and decorations.  We want you and your pet to feel comfortable during your time with us.  A selection of books and toys are available for younger children to investigate.  

What our clients say

Dr. S is wonderful. She is smart, obviously loves animals, her job, and manages us owners well, too. She is well read, and keeps up on recent information. The office is organized (probably since the turnover in ownership) and support staff is great. I found her informative and her information was based in concrete information. I strongly recommend her office, but don’t tell too many people so I can get an appointment when I need it!

Cindy Pendleton

Cindy Pendleton

Small, clean, caring staff, very friendly and will listen to your concerns. Being new to the area, we spoke with locals and they are very happy with the hospital, staff and doctor. So, we gave it a try.

NO COMPLAINTS HERE! We were happy with the service we received and the way our pups were treated.

D Eilbeck

D Eilbeck

First, we were received graciously. Next, a “tech” did a general checkup and the dog got lots of loving attention during the process. The doctor came in and did a thorough exam. She was most friendly. All in all, the experience was cordial, and, of course, our dog got what we feel was excellent care. We will come back.

Bob Burnham

Bob Burnham

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